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Each order directly furthers our 501(c)(3) nonprofit purposes!

This tailored kit of games picked out based on the mechanics, outcomes, and more to maximize play experiences. Things we consider when putting together each gaming kit:

  • Maximizing player experiences possible
  • Ease of ruleset, components, and more for ease of use
  • Play length fitting within operating timeframes (i.e. 1 hour after school program, course meeting, etc.)

In addition to this kit each location we send games to receives:

  • A virtual meeting with Tabletop Alliance to set them up for success in the creation, maintenance, operation, and ongoing needs
  • Tailored resource with supplemental instructional materials to increase ease of play of all games in the kit
  • Ongoing communication and participation opportunities in all Tabletop Alliance events
  • And lots more.

This item is to directly purchase a game kit from Tabletop Alliance at cost. 


Here are some details regarding typical* kits:

 Kit Type
Avg. # Games
20+ Players
RPG RPG Groups -
40+ Players


(Combines all previous kits!!!)

60+ Players as well as RPG Groups! 15+

If you would like more information on the kits, to purchase one for your program, to create a group, apply for a kits scholarship, or want to encourage someone to do so please visit/share - https://tabletopalliance.org/getinvolved/guild


NOTE: If you were wanting to sponsor a game kit you want to click on that alternative item and not this as this is to directly purchase a kit for your purposes. Games are selected by Tabletop Alliance and are tailored as possible to meet the context and setting they may be going to based on our stock, availability, and other considerations.

*= Kits are subject to change and vary in player count and number of games based on lots of factors including type of program, age range, experience level, and more.