Intro to Game Design Online Course


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Each order directly furthers our 501(c)(3) nonprofit purposes!

Learn game design basics through a series of interactive modules designed to help you learn game mechanics, play test, develop, and ultimately make a game! 

By enrolling in the course you have access to:

  • Our 10 Step Game Design Process
  • 40 Online course Modules
  • 3+ Hours of video instruction
  • Numerous supplemental tailored content to enhance learning
  • Assignments at key benchmarks to have you progress in your design!

This is an online course that we have designed to teach the basics of game design in a meaningful way. Specifically, this course will have those enrolled design a game that involves a maximum of 18 cards and up to 18 components. This constraint drives creativity while focusing on learning fundamentals.

After you purchase this course you will receive an order confirmation followed by an email from our learning management site ( which will have you create a password for your course account. 

As a nonprofit we want to enable access for individuals of all life situations. If the cost is a prohibiting factor please feel free to email Bruce at