Tabletop Alliance FAQ

  • Tell me more about what Tabletop Alliance does...
    • Thanks for asking! We work with schools, colleges, libraries, community programs, and more throughout the United States to accomplish our nonprofit cause. We send gaming kits to those programs that would like them and when possible do so at no cost to the participating groups. Each game kit that goes out is tailored to match the setting it is going to and each is designed to maximize the impact of the work being done. Additionally, we hold webinars, events, attend conferences, conduct and publish research, and lots more. 
  • Why should you purchase from us?
    • As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the revenue from every purchase on the site directly goes to furthering our nonprofit purpose which means more support to educators and community leaders!
  • Are donations tax deductible?
    • YES! Donations are 100% tax deductible and thank you for wanting to support our nonprofit cause! As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit we are thankful to be able to offer tax receipts for charitable gifts which you can submit along with your taxes for potential benefits. This being said, we encourage you to speak with your financial advisors in advance.
    • How can I get involved?
      • At this time we are growing and could primarily use advocates helping us connect with programs that would like to use games as well as groups willing to run fundraising gaming events to increase our capacity to serve. If you would like to know more and potentially get involved you can email Volunteer@TabletopAlliance.Org

    Other FAQs

        • I don't see the game/item I want, what can I do?
          • We want you to be able to get the games you are interested in so all you need to do is email us at Admin@TabletopAlliance.org to send us a message to let us know what game you were hoping for. We will then work with our distribution partners and reach back out with more information. 
        • Is my purchase tax deductible?
          • We thank you for wanting to support our nonprofit cause. The only tax deductible avenues on the site are the donation and "Sponsor a Kit" items as those are placeholders for tax deductible submissions. If you order either of these things you will receive an automated tax receipt just for those items not the remainder of your cart. In addition, if you add a tip based donation to your order that too will be tax deductible. Due to the nature of the tipping method tax receipts are not auto generated, if you would like a tax receipt for your tip please email donations@TabletopAlliance.org and include your order number. We will issue the tax receipt to the order's email on file.
        • I am purchasing items for my organization which is tax exempt, how can I waive sales tax?
          • We are so glad that you are getting items to help your organization make an impact through gaming and that you have chosen to do so through us. This is rather easy, just takes a little communication. If you create an account for your organization's purchase you can then email Admin@TabletopAlliance.org to let us know the account name, email, and to send us your Tax Exemption documents we would be happy to update your account as tax free. In addition, we would like to connect with you as we want to further the impact of organizations using games so please expect that we will also like to connect with you to learn more about what you do.
          • What is the Refund/Cancellation policy?
            • We always strive to have the best customer service possible as a nonprofit organization and will work to resolve situations. This said, all sales of items are final but if something comes up please reach out to us and thank you for understanding. 

          Shipping FAQ

          • Do you have Free Shipping?
            • YES! Orders over $75 will ship free and we offer Free Local Pickup.
          • I heard there are shipping issues worldwide, might this affect my order?
            • All the items we have on the site are currently in stock so there should be no delay besides for shipping it to you if carriers run into any issues. That said, for special orders we will be working with partners to make those possible and know that these special orders are the most likely instances of being affected by shipping delays as we are trying to acquire the products. 
          • Do you offer local pickup?
            • Yes, if you are in the Bryan/College Station Texas area, or will be at the time of fulfillment, you can select local pickup on the select shipping method page and avoid any shipping charges. We encourage you to contact us at ContactUs@TabletopAlliance.org so that we can easily coordinate the process with you. 
          • Can I place a custom order?
            • YES! To make a custom order simply create an account on the site, then email your order details to us at ContactUs@TabletopAlliance.org. We will then send you an invoice for the requested products for you to complete payment once we see the availability of acquiring the items from our distribution partners. If you have any questions please feel free to email them to us.


          We encourage you to make informed choices regarding your purchases by reading the above, the FAQs, and the policies below. If you have any questions please email ContactUs@TabletopAlliance.org

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