Special Events

"Get a game, give a Game" experiences

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit we believe in the power of gaming and our Get a game, Give a game experiences (i.e. Christmas in July) is a way to double the gift of gaming by purchasing games via this preorder that you want and with each order purchased we commit to giving away a game at no cost to a school or community program. It's simple you get a game, we give a game! 

Why do this? We want to further gaming with you and maximize the impact. Along with that when we place orders we need to hit certain minimum quotas and/or have enough capital. By purchasing a game through this preorder you are helping us minimize the overhead so that we can maximize every dollar we have to give away even more equipment and invest in the development of educators as well as community leaders.

How does it work? As a corporation Tabletop Alliance is authorized to purchase games at wholesale and sometimes even better pricing due to our nonprofit status. Each game is sold via this preorder for MSRP and we use the difference to purchase a second game as well as cover our needs as an organization. 

If you would like to see answers to FAQs, please visit the FAQs page.

Please note:

-"Christmas in July" is not connected to any religion nor belief system, rather we are using the colloquial term for a celebration mid-summer. 

-If you use any promo code during your checkout, except for the store opening announcement special code, the pre-order of a game does not count towards the game for game initiative.